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Strategy Execution

We help you set up the right strategy execution tools – so you get to your goals faster.

Does everyone in your company know where they’re going?
Is all work focused on strategic priorities?
Are initiatives in sync and followed through?

We help you set up the right strategy execution tools – so you get to your goals faster.

This is how we help you execute your strategy

Target Setting and Performance Appraisal

Strategy definition and refinement

Goals well defined are goals reached. We make sure your strategy is formulated in a clear, unambiguous and understandable way. We close gaps in the definition of the strategy, and make sure the scope of your goals is realistic yet ambitious.

We use a mix of established strategy tools as well as our proprietary approaches, combined with benchmarking and market research when necessary, to make sure your strategy is airtight.


Our team works with you to derive the Key Performance Indicators that tell you and your team whether you’re reaching your goals. Benefit from your KPI library, and let us help you define in detail who is responsible for what KPI, how you measure it and how often you discuss it.

Revisiting the right KPIs regularly has been a game changer for many of our clients’ organizations.



We help you define the activities that your team has to complete to get to your goals. We define your roadmap framework, and then support you in breaking down large and lofty goals into small, actionable steps.

Your team will love the sense of meaning in their work, and you will love the humming sound of an organization walking in the same direction in sync.

Objectives and Key Results

Operating in complex environments, but with a capable team? Then OKRs are the right strategy execution framework for you. We help you tailor the OKR framework to your needs.

Our consultants help you run through the first OKR cycles, help you set up the right infrastructure to track OKRs and train your team on the methodology.

Objectives and Key Results
You’re not alone

These clients have benefited from our
strategy execution services.

Simon Kearney
CEO at Click2View

Victor Hansen
CEO at Sprezza Media

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