Job Descriptions


  • I don’t have job descriptions and people in the companies have no clarity what their responsibilities are.
  • It’s hard for me to publish good job ads that attract the right people.
  • I want to hire new people but do not know where to start.
  • I design jobs around people’s skills and availability, but I feel this approach will backfire when we grow.


  • Based on your organizational structure, we define job descriptions, including a general role statement, responsibilities and tasks.
  • We help you convert these job descriptions into job posts that you can use for hiring.
  • Everyone in the company knows exactly what their responsibilities are.
  • You know exactly what roles to hire for because they are well defined.
  • We have everyone in the company sign-off on their role so everybody agrees on a common understanding of the tasks.


We have designed role descriptions for clients of different sizes, industries and geographies. Our consultants know many different industries and company forms so they always speak to you on eye-level.

Asamby Consulting

We help you make sure everybody in your company knows what their role is, has the right processes and the best tools to deliver great outcomes consistently. Add a layer of excellent strategy execution and situative leadership and the success is yours.


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