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We help you build a high-performance organization

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We help you build a high-performance organization

Here’s how we develop your organization

Organizational Structure and Job Descriptions

Organizational Structure and Job Descriptions

Our organization experts help you develop an org-structure that truly supports your strategy. Based on best practices, we make sure that the right roles get the right attention, and everyone has clear reporting lines.
In addition, we help you build out consistent and complete job descriptions for all of your roles. So no more dropped balls and unclear responsibilities. For high employee satisfaction and performance.

Target Operating Model

Your org structure is a great first step. We help you transform it into a Target Operating Model. Adding processes, communication structure and tools to the mix converts your org structure into an efficiency powerhouse.

Target Operating Model
Target Setting and Performance Appraisal

Target Setting and Performance Appraisal

Your team needs clear direction and goals. And a reward if they reach them. Our team of organization experts helps define and implement target setting and performance appraisal for your team. You chose from a modern set of target setting and performance review methodologies, like 1:1 reviews, 360° feedback. We help you find the setup that’s right for you and your business.

Motivate your team to do what drives most value.

Learning & Development

We help you set up effective learning and development structures. This will benefit you twice: Your team acquires skills they need to excel in their positions continuously. And you provide opportunities for personal growth, which ultimately helps with employee retention. Add career paths to give your team clarity on what they can achieve personally when working for your business.
Learning & Development
Recruiting & Onboarding

Recruiting & Onboarding

Your growing business needs to acquire the best talent. And then onboard them effectively and quickly. Our consultants help you set up streamlined recruiting processes for quicker staffing and reduced risk of false hires.
And we help you define thorough, engaging and plannable onboarding of new employees. They’re operational quicker, and engaged right from the start.

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These clients have benefited from our
organizational development services.

Hilary Altman
CEO at WAC Travel

Holly Singer
CEO & Founder at
Milk Jar Candle Company Inc.

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