3 Reasons Why Your Trades Business Feels Chaotic – And How to Fix 2 of Them

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Running a trades business, be it plumbing or carpentry, brings its fair share of challenges. While some issues are unique to your trade, others are common across the board. Let’s deep dive into these problems and offer solutions tailored just for you.

Reason 1: The Nature of the Business

You’re often diving into large, multifaceted projects. Imagine the complexity when coordinating a massive home project. Beyond your specific job, like wiring, you’re collaborating with a vast team with many moving parts.

Your team might be skilled in their specific trade—like bricklaying—but coordinating with other teams or handling logistics might be a challenge.

While these complexities come with the territory, recognizing them can help you better navigate other challenges.

Reason 2: Inefficient Workflows

Perhaps you’ve noticed your business lacks set routines. As someone who excels in your craft, it might be hard for you to relay your methods to the team.

Consider your processes: from crafting a piece of furniture to interacting with clients. Is there a clear path?

For more details on how to define processes and write standard operating procedures, check out our blog post on the topic.

Solution for Reason 2: Refine and Embrace Tech

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Developing clear, consistent processes can be transformative. Ensure there’s a predictable flow to every project, from start to finish.

Tech can be a game-changer for you. There’s an abundance of tools tailored for trades, from scheduling to client communication. Integrating these can boost efficiency and enhance client relations.

Reason 3: Team Dynamics

Your project’s success is heavily reliant on your team. Do they have clarity on their roles? Are they adequately trained?

Imagine a scenario where a painter on your team does a flawless job but fumbles with client interactions. This can affect your business’s reputation.

Solution for Reason 3: Empower and Educate Your Team

Building a strong brand in your trade isn’t solely about showcasing great work. It’s about ensuring your team feels valued and equipped.

Investing time in hiring is crucial. Beyond skills, ensure they gel with your company’s ethos.

Clear roles are essential. Every team member, whether they’re a roofer or electrician, should have distinct clarity on their duties.

If you want to learn more about the different org structures that make sense for your business, check out our blog post about the topic.

Never stop training. With new techniques and tools constantly emerging, keeping your team updated is vital. Encourage feedback and foster an environment of growth.


Owning and managing a trades business, whether you’re an electrician or a gardener, means navigating a sea of challenges. But with a bit of restructuring, tech adoption, and a keen focus on your team, you can overcome these hurdles.

The steps towards a more streamlined business are in front of you. Are you ready to take the leap?

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