Tired of Unfollowed Procedures? Switch to Principles for a Thriving Agency!

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, successful agency operations hinge on seamless adaptability and innovation. As CEOs, our best-laid plans often revolve around procedural protocols, viewed as the compass guiding our businesses towards success. But, what if those protocols are often ignored, or worse, met with complete indifference? Welcome to the compelling paradigm of Agency Operations where choosing principles over procedures might be your unexpected lifeline.

Peeling Back the Layers: Why Procedures Are Not Being Followed

Picture this: you’ve painstakingly designed a set of procedures, each one expertly crafted to bring efficiency and coherence to your digital agency’s operations. You envision these procedural protocols as the building blocks of your agency’s success. However, despite your best efforts, these procedures are falling on deaf ears.

Understanding why your team is not following procedures requires peeling back several layers of the agency environment. Procedures, by their very nature, are rigid guidelines, designed to promote consistency and standardization. However, this rigidity can inadvertently stifle creativity, leaving your team feeling constrained and limited in their approach. The ‘one-size-fits-all’ nature of procedures may fail to consider that every client and project is unique in its demands and constraints.

Moreover, procedures can contribute to a robotic work culture where individual strengths are overshadowed by the pressure to follow a specific path. This can negatively impact employee satisfaction and retention, leading to high turnover and inconsistent quality of work.

Procedures vs. Principles: Spotting the Difference

Procedures and principles, though both crucial components of Agency Operations, serve distinct roles. Procedures are specific, step-by-step instructions outlining how to accomplish tasks. They offer a roadmap, yet often leave little room for discretion and adaptation.

On the contrary, principles are broader, abstract ideas that govern behavior and decision-making. These value-based, non-prescriptive guidelines allow for flexibility and individual creativity. Instead of dictating the ‘how,’ principles emphasize the ‘why,’ empowering employees to use their judgment and leverage their expertise, thus fostering a more engaged and dynamic work environment.

Making the Right Call: When Principles Trump Procedures

Procedures are certainly invaluable, acting as the compass that ensures everyone is moving in the right direction. However, they may not always be the optimal choice. In an environment as dynamic and volatile as the digital world, the rigidity of procedures can prove to be a liability. They can slow down processes, hamper innovative thinking, and breed frustration among your team members.

In contrast, principles thrive in ambiguity and complexity. They offer a robust framework within which your team can adapt and innovate, fostering a culture of growth and learning. Thus, principles become the preferred choice when dealing with complex tasks, diverse teams, and evolving client needs.

For example, a principle like “always prioritize client satisfaction” is more adaptive than a procedure outlining specific steps to manage client communication. The principle encourages team members to use their judgment and personalize their approach, often leading to improved client satisfaction.

The Road to Success: Making Principle-Based Agency Management Work

Transitioning from a procedure-oriented approach to a principle-based one can be transformative for your agency operations. However, this shift requires careful planning and execution. Below are some critical ingredients to ensure a successful transition:

1. Clear Communication: Your principles should be well-defined and effectively communicated across the agency. They should align with your agency’s mission and values, becoming the fabric of your agency culture. Regular discussions, workshops, and training sessions can help instill these principles in your team’s daily operations.

2. Empowerment and Trust: A principle-based approach thrives on trust and empowerment. Empowering your team members to make decisions based on the principles and trusting their judgment is essential. This not only boosts morale but also instills a sense of ownership and accountability.

3. Recognition and Reward: Recognize and reward those who exemplify the principles in their work. Positive reinforcement encourages others to adopt the principles in their approach and nurtures a conducive work environment.

4. Regular Review: Principles should not be set in stone. Regularly review and refine them. They should evolve with the changing needs of your agency, industry trends, and client expectations. Constructive feedback from your team members should inform these reviews, fostering a sense of shared ownership.

Finally, a topic that requires special emphasis is the significance of having the right team in place.

Talent: The Keystone of Principle-Based Management

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The implementation of a principle-based approach leans heavily on your team. Your employees are not just executors of tasks, but decision-makers, innovators, and ambassadors of your agency’s mission. As such, attracting and retaining top talent becomes paramount in this new operational approach.

When hiring, look beyond skills and experience alone. Instead, seek candidates who align with your agency’s values and principles. These individuals are more likely to thrive in a principle-based work environment. During the interview process, incorporate questions or scenarios that help ascertain a candidate’s propensity to adapt, innovate, and make principle-aligned decisions.

Additionally, invest in your existing team. Regular training and development initiatives not only enhance skills but also boost morale and foster loyalty. Empower your team with opportunities for continuous learning and growth, and they will drive your agency towards success.

The transition to a principle-based approach also demands a reassessment of your reward system. Traditional performance metrics might not capture the essence of a principle-aligned performance. Develop a recognition and reward system that values innovation, problem-solving, and adaptability. Celebrate those who champion your principles, setting a precedent for others to follow.

Lastly, foster a culture of open communication. Encourage your team to voice their ideas, concerns, and feedback. An open dialogue promotes trust, builds stronger teams, and contributes to an environment where principles can thrive.


In conclusion, while procedures are an essential tool for standardization and consistency, principles offer the flexibility, creativity, and empowerment necessary in the dynamic landscape of digital agency operations. Striking the right balance between the two will not only steer your agency towards success but will also simplify your leadership journey. As CEOs, it’s time we revisit our approach and consider switching to principles for a thriving, engaged, and successful agency.

Remember, the goal isn’t to discard procedures entirely, but rather to understand when principles might serve us better. Principles and procedures can coexist harmoniously in the same ecosystem, enhancing your agency operations manifold. Navigate this balance effectively, and you’ll unlock unprecedented success in your agency’s journey.

This shift might seem daunting initially, but the payoff in terms of an engaged workforce, satisfied clients, and a thriving agency makes it a venture worth undertaking. After all, in the words of leadership guru, Stephen Covey, “There are three constants in life… change, choice, and principles.” Let’s make the choice to embrace change through principles for the continued success of our agencies.

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