Process Review


Process Review

Together with your team, we map your process from start to finish. In this engaging session, we create transparency, discover bottlenecks and clarify roles and responsibilities. The result: an engaged team, and a clustered collection of issues to tackle and a process map that you can use further.

How it works

After you purchased an item and made payment, we send you a link to schedule an intro call with us. In this call, we’ll arrange the relevant dates, talk through the process and discuss the prep work.

All of our shop offers come with a risk-free money-back guarantee – if, after the intro call, you don’t want to move forward, we give you your money back. No questions asked. All services are delivered online.


  • You feel that a major process is not running smoothly and could be improved?

  • Responsibilities and handovers are not clearly defined and things fall through the cracks?

  • You need transparency over how your team executes a process?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then this is for you!


  • A clear process map with responsibilities and tools that are used

  • An overview of potential improvements

  • Engaged team members that actively work on improving the business

  • Clear roles and responsibilities in the execution of your process


  • You fill out a quick questionnaire

  • We hold a two hour workshop together with you and the team that’s involved in the process to capture the process

  • We cluster and present all findings around potential improvements, bottlenecks and initiatives

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